Noh Workshop with Kita Noh Theater Company

November 20, 2016
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Global Encounters through Noh:
A Society-wide Exploration of Noh Theater

Simon Starling: At Twilight
(After W. B. Yeats’ Noh Reincarnation)

Oct. 14, 2016—Jan. 15, 2017

Treasured Noh Plays from the Desk of W. B. Yeats
Program A: Sat., Nov. 19, 7:30 PM
Program B: Sun., Nov. 20, 5 PM

Sun., Nov. 20, 1—3 PM

Members of the Kita Noh Theater Company lead a workshop on noh theater’s unique stylized movement and vocalization. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn an excerpt from Yoro, a significant noh play thematically aligned with W. B. Yeats’ At the Hawk’s Well, and have the opportunity to try the unique musical instruments used in noh theater.

TICKETS: $75/$65 Japan Society members

Max. 20 participants. Some movement-based professional performance experience required. Participants must wear socks and exercise wear.

Box Office Policy

  • Sunday, November 20, 2016
  • 1:00 pm