Moving (Ohikkoshi)

December 9, 2002
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1993, 117 min., color, 35mm.

Directed by Shinji Somai. Written by Satoko Okudera and Satoshi Okonogi, based on the novel by Hiko Tanaka. Cinematography by Toyomitshi Kurita. Music by Shigeaki Saegusa. With Tomoko Tabata, Junko Sakurada, Kiichi Nakai and Shofukutei Tsurubei.

In this touching family drama, an 11-year-old girl attempts to bring her parents back together after their separation. The Gion Matsuri of Kyoto is something that her family visits together every summer, but this year, it means something different to her.

  • Monday, December 9, 2002
  • 6:30 pm