Koosil-Ja’s mech[A] OUTPUT

June 2, 2007
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Thursday, May 31 – Saturday, June 2
7:30 pm

Radical New York-based choreographer/ performance-technology artist Koosil-Ja presents an electrifying multimedia dance-performance with live 3-D environment, seamlessly incorporating elements of traditional noh music and choreography from the classic noh play Dojoji. The legends surrounding Dojo-ji Temple in Wakayama, southeast of Osaka, have inspired numerous noh and kabuki plays about the vengeful spirit of a spurned woman. By juxtaposing the restrained and subtle choreography of Dojoji with 3D world imaging projected on to a large screen, the daring Bessie Award and Guggenheim Fellowship-winning choreographer-dancer/singer-songwriter transposes the work into her own aesthetic context, creating an innovative blend of modern and traditional, digital and flesh. The production features 3D world designed by Claudia Hart, 3D Interactive interface designed and performed by John Klima, and live sound and software design by Geoff Matters, dramaturgy by Nanako Nakajima and pendulum enclosure construction by Michael D. Casselli.

Tickets: $25/$20 Japan Society members.  Purchase tickets online below or call the Box Office at (212) 715-1258.


  • Saturday, June 2, 2007
  • 7:30 pm