Japanese Cuisine 101: Washoku 和食

August 9, 2010
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Monday through Friday, August 9-13 & 16-20, 2010, 10 am-4 pm each day

Student Cooking Demonstration & Reception
Saturday, August 21, 2010, 10 am-3:30 pm (for students)/12:30-2:30 pm (for guests)

High school students are invited to participate in an 11-day immersion workshop on Japanese cuisine and culture, during which they will examine the multifaceted history of Japanese cuisine in connection with health and wellness.

Through demonstrations by professional chefs and participation in basic cooking sessions, participants will learn about Japan’s emphasis on the seasonality of food (shun), quality of ingredients and presentation, as well as dining etiquette and manners. This workshop will also focus on nutrition and Japanese food. Knowledge of various Japanese dishes and drinks will be imparted and enhanced throughout the workshop as students explore Japanese culinary venues and facilities in NY/NJ.

On the last day of the program, families and friends are invited to a Japanese-style reception where Japanese dishes and tea will be served, including those prepared by chefs and participating students.


  • Participants must be high school students as of September 2010.
  • You must attend all of the scheduled workshop sessions and the reception (8/9-13 & 8/16-21, 10 am-4 pm).
  • No previous knowledge of Japanese cuisine is necessary.
  • While those who took Washoku 101 in 2008 may apply, priority is given to those who did not take the workshop in summer 2008.

Your application must include:
1. Complete, signed general application form.
2. Essay: On a separate sheet, please tell us in 200-300 words (A) which aspects of Japan and/or food culture you would like to learn about; (B) how this program will help you achieve these goals; and (C) why Japan Society should select you for the program.
3. A check for $450 made out to Japan society.

Important Note:
Space is limited. 20-25 students will be selected through a careful review process. All applicants will be notified of their status by mid-June. Checks will be returned to those who are not selected for this program. Your application package will not be returned.

$450, includes cooking materials, books, and lunch. A limited number of full and partial tuition waivers are available. Tuition waiver requirements and an application are available here.

Please submit or mail the complete application, essay and a check ($450) made payable to Japan Society to:
2010 Summer Immersion Workshop
Education Programs
Japan Society
333 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017

For more information about this program, please call (212) 715-1275 or e-mail [email protected].

Program subject to change.

Co-organized by the Gohan Society 

In cooperation with Astor Center, New York City

  • August 9, 2010 – August 21, 2010