How the New Economy is Redefining Work in the U.S. & Japan

January 18, 2001
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Evening Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with American and Japanese business leaders moderated by Fast Company Founding Editor Alan Webber explores how the Internet and the new economy are changing work and corporate culture on both sides of the Pacific. In the United States, the Internet is transforming how and where we work. Increasingly, American companies are building their practices around people and technology in an effort to foster a culture that accommodates both the professional and personal lives of their employees. Japan–in the midst of corporate downsizing and the erosion of lifetime employment–is also feeling the impact of the Internet on its business culture. As the old Japan Inc. gives way, a new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging and redefining the rules of the game. Mr. Webber and the panelists explore these and other fundamental forces challenging traditional views about the workplace.

Followed by a cocktail reception.

Naomi Moriyama, Founder and President, digital powerhouse
Jerry Colonna, Managing Partner, Flatiron Partners LLC
Lynne Waldera, President, InMomentum Inc.
Hidemasa Yamakawa, Director, Business Development East Asia, 724 Solutions

Alan Webber, Founding Editor, Fast Company
Tickets: $15, Fast Company subscribers and Japan Society members $10.


  • Thursday, January 18, 2001
  • 6:30 pm