GREAT MASTERS OF JAPANESE PAINTING Taiga’s New Views: Old Paintings, Recent Research

April 13, 2004
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Off-site lecture
Asia Society and Museum
725 Park Avenue at 70th Street
New York City

Melinda Takeuchi, Associate Professor of Art and Art History Stanford University, poses a number of provocative questions arising from the most up-to-date scholarship on some of the famous works of the literati artist Ike (no) Taiga (1723-76). How has the style of scholarship surrounding this artist, or interpretations of his work, changed, if at all? Have important new objects been introduced? Is the “Taiga” of 10 years ago the same as the Taiga of today? Takeuchi is an expert in Japanese painting, calligraphy and print culture and author of the prize-winning Taiga’s True Views: The Language of Landscape Painting in Eighteenth-Century Japan.

Tickets: $12; $7 Asia Society/Japan Society members; $5 students.

Call the Asia Society box office: (212) 517-ASIA; Program held at Asia Society and Museum, 725 Park Avenue at 70th Street, New York City.

  • Tuesday, April 13, 2004
  • 6:30 pm