Globus Film Series – Dawn of Japanese Animation Part 4: Music & Dance

February 16, 2008
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Nine animations; 1 live-action film. Program approx. 115 min.

In The Black Cat vaudeville-esque characters sing to popular songs of the era, and in the comic period piece The Bear Dodger, characters of the Edo period sing a Western-style operetta. More animations are followed by the rare live-action musical Singing Lovebirds.

*These silent films are presented with music recently added to the films.

  • The Black Cat (1929)
    2 min 55 sec. By Noburo Ofuji.
  • The Stolen Lump* (1929)
    10 min 25 sec, black & beige. By Yasuji Murata.
  • Harvest Festival (1930)
    2 min 28 sec. By Noburo Ofuji.
  • Taro Urashima* (1931)
    1 min 10 sec. By Manzo Miyashita.
  • The Unlucky Butterfly (1931)
    8 min 28 sec. Creator unknown.
  • Home Alone Mice (1931)
    1 min 8 sec. By Ikuo Oishi.
  • Spring Song (1931)
    3 min 1 sec, black & pink. By Noburo Ofuji.
  • Belly Drum Dance at Shojoji (Year n/a)
    1 min 11 sec. By Ikuo Oishi.
  • The Bear Dodger (1948)
    929". By Noburo Ofuji.

Live-action musical add-on!
Singing Lovebirds* (1939)
69 min. Directed by Masahiro Makino.
In this very rare samurai musical, Oharu is in love with her poor neighbor Reizaburo from afar, but is instead bullied into marriage to an arrogant lord when her father is unable to pay his debts.

This event is part of Globus Film Series – Dawn of Japanese Animation.

Tickets: $10/$7 Japan Society members & seniors/$4.50 students. The Special Student Discount is made possible by The Globus Family. Purchase tickets online above or call the Box Office at (212) 715-1258.

All film dialogue and narration is in Japanese with English subtitles except for Orochi. All films are 16mm or digital video in black & white, unless otherwise noted. Some scenes in these films may be of low image and sound quality due to the age of the prints. Programs are subject to change.

  • Saturday, February 16, 2008
  • 5:00 pm