Globus Film Series – Dawn of Japanese Animation Part 1: Chambara Action & Adventure

February 13, 2008
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Twelve animations; 1 live-action film. Program approx. 95 min. Followed by a reception.

† With live benshi narration!
*These silent films are presented with music recently added to the films.

Ghost ships, sword fights and sunken treasures playfully fill the films Over a Drink and Hyoe and Heibe’s Tengu Hunt. A monkey reigns in the animal kingdom with his sumo skills in Animal Sumo. More animations are followed by the live action film with legendary action star Hideto Hayabusa, Fighting in Ashura Town.

  • The Tiny One Makes It Big* (1929)
    1 min 6 sec. Creator unknown.
  • The Bat†* (1930)
    10 min 27 sec. By Yasuji Murata.
  • Animal Sumo*  (1931)
    43 sec. Creator unknown.
  • The Plane Cabby’s Lucky Day†*   (1932)
    10 min 14 sec. By Teizo Kato.
  • Hyoe and Heibe’s Tengu Hunt (1934)
    8 min 16 sec. By Noburo Oyama.
  • Ta-chan’s Underwater Adventure* (1935)
    1 min 11 sec. By Kenzo Masaoka.
  • Ninja Fireball in Edo* (1935)
    1 min 8 sec. By Yoshi Tanaka.
  • Hatanosuke Takes Down the Inazuma Gang†* (Year n/a)
    1min 34 sec. Creator unknown.
  • Over a Drink†* (1936)
    10 min 29 sec. By Yasuji Murata.
  • Taro’s Early Training Days† (1936)
    5 min 26 sec. By Atsushi Suzuki.
  • The Duckling Saves the Day* (Year n/a)
    1 min 8 sec. Creator unknown.
  • The Underwater Tyrant* (Year n/a)
    1 min 7 sec. Creator unknown.

Live action adventure add-on!
Fighting in Ashura Town† * (1938)
36 min. Directed by Takeshi Yashiro.
In this comical and action-packed adventure film, down-and-out news reporter Hayato (Hayabusa) and photographer Debuyama go on a top-secret assignment that could save their careers. When the mission turns into a murder-kidnapping case, they vow to solve it on their own.

Tickets: $15/$12 Japan Society members, students & seniors.  Purchase tickets online above or call the Box Office at (212) 715-1258.

This event is part of Globus Film Series – Dawn of Japanese Animation.

All film dialogue and narration is in Japanese with English subtitles except for Orochi. All films are 16mm or digital video in black & white, unless otherwise noted. Some scenes in these films may be of low image and sound quality due to the age of the prints. Programs are subject to change.

  • Wednesday, February 13, 2008
  • 7:00 pm