Geopolitical Japan: Security, Society and Economy

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Online / Onsite hybrid

Independent Study:  October 14—October 29
In-Person Onsite Session: October 29, 2022, 9 am–3 pm

Free registration with Japan Society for all in-service K-12 teachers; limited space available for non-educators.

This professional development course explores contemporary Japan through asynchronous online video lectures, readings and in-person sessions. Educators are invited to delve into how Japan can be understood within a global context and how “Japan-specific” content can be used to raise awareness of social issues faced by American students. Topics include: Japanese geopolitics; the U.S.-Japan Security alliance with a focus on Okinawa; and the global supply chain and energy interdependence. With the guidance of lead instructors, participants will become equipped to teach about Japan and will create a lesson plan related to the course content utilizing rich primary sources provided. Ten (10) hours of CTLE credit are available for NYC in-service teachers.


Independent Study

October 14-29

Links will be provided for:

  • 3 asynchronous video sessions
  • Reading assignments


In-Person Sessions @ Japan Society

Saturday, October 29, 9 am–3 pm

  • “Geopolitics of Japan: Postwar to Contemporary”
    • Prof. Takako Hikotani, Gakushuin University, Japan
  • “Okinawa: Security, Race and Complex Identity”
    • Prof. Mitzi Carter, Florida International University, FL
  • “Japan in the Global Supply Chain and Economic Security”
    • David Jacoby, President, Boston Strategies International
  • Mini-workshop on Effective Teaching Approaches
    • Jack Chan, President, NYC Social Studies Supervisors Association


10 CTLE credit hours are available through NYC Social Studies Supervisors Association (no fee). A light breakfast and Japanese box lunch will be served during the program.

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