Empty Orchestras and the Speed of Your Voice

July 27, 2018
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Intro and Q&A with dir. Nao Yoshigai, dir. Yohei Suzuki and actress Elisa Yanagi

The human voice exhibits new texture when housed in the audiovisual containers of cinema. These works let the oral utterance sail while the image plays along, whether sounding out non-verbal affect, revealing the architecture of breath, reciting historical fantasy, or following a whistle into the sky, and scream through the night. (Total running time approx. 87 min.)

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018

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New York Premiere


Sawako Kabuki

A baby’s wail reverberates through life and its wrenching physical sensations.

2018. 1 min. DCP.

World Premiere

Breathing House

Nao Yoshigai

Last gasps of the Seiza-sha house in Kyoto devoted to Torajiro Okada’s still-sitting meditation method from the late-Meiji era’s intercultural ferment.

2017. 12 min. DCP.

U.S. Premiere

Bivalvia: Act I

Yu Araki

Songs reverberate between mollusk shells, karaoke lyrics guiding a history of seaborn tragic lovers from different shores.

2017. 20 min. DCP.

World Premiere

Stories floating on the wind

Nao Yoshigai

Along with vegetable and sea life, the camera is but one element of a sensual ride along a coastal road and playground in this masterful short.

2018. 9 min. DCP.

North American Premiere


Yohei Suzuki

From the director of Ow (2015), YEAH finds a young woman (Elisa Yanagi) investigating the sonic properties of its titular exclamation and enigmatic qualities of artificial light.

2018. 45 min. DCP.

WAAAH © Sawako Kabuki; Breathing House © Nao Yoshigai; Bivalvia: Act I © Yu Araki; Stories floating on the wind © Nao Yoshigai; YEAH © Yohei Suzuki
  • Friday, July 27, 2018
  • 9:00 pm