March 14, 2014
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Richie on Chase, by series curator Kyoko Hirano:
"When we were preparing for Dark Visions: Japanese Film Noir & Neo-Noir, Japan Society’s 2002 film series, I consulted with Mr. Richie as usual. He immediately suggested Chase. I was rather skeptical about showing such an understated film. I was pleasantly surprised at how popular it was–over 200 people came and were totally enchanted by the skillful storytelling and the theme, sympathetic to the hidden passion of the woman who leads a loveless, married life. I was once again impressed by Mr. Richie’s insight."

Yoshitaro Nomura (1919-2005), known for his popular "detective film" genre, partnered with screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto and social theme-oriented mystery writer Seicho Matsumoto on Chase. A young detective teams up with a veteran officer to travel south, where a suspected murderer is expected to show up to see his ex-lover, now a housewife. Their surveillance shows detailed, tedious police work, as well as revealing the watched woman’s passion, causing the young detective to reflect on his own feelings for his girlfriend.
1957, 116 min., b&w, 16mm, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Yoshitaro Nomura. With Hideko Takamine, Takahiro Tamura, Minoru Ohki, Hizuru Takachiho, Seiji Miyaguchi.

Part of Richie’s Electric Eight: A Tribute to Donald Richie (1924-2013), Part 2


$12/$9 Japan Society members, seniors and students

  • Friday, March 14, 2014
  • 7:00 pm