Building Business Relationships with the Japanese

October 26, 2000
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8:30 am – 1 pm

Understanding Japanese cultural and business protocol can make all the difference between a successful business relationship and a failed one. Just as important is understanding the strategies for speaking effectively with the Japanese in English. This interactive seminar with two leading consultants in U.S.-Japan cross-cultural communications introduces Americans to the basics of etiquette crucial to doing business with the Japanese. The program focuses on the communication skills and the knowledge of Japanese culture and protocol necessary to make a positive impression. It also aims to help participants feel comfortable and relaxed working with Japanese, and includes a hands-on session on dining etiquette. U.S. executives dealing with Japanese as clients, partners or employers should find this program of particular interest.

Includes a Japanese bento box lunch.

Akira Odani
is head of Odani Research Co., Inc., a market research and consulting firm specializing in U.S.-Japan business relations. His clients have included President Reagan, President Carter, Vice President Bush, Vice President Mondale and Prime Minister Nakasone. Odani Research has completed assignments for several Japanese government agencies including JETRO, MITI and the Ministry of Post & Telecommunications. Private sector clients include Sony, Toyota, SBC Communications and Revlon. Dr. Odani received his Ph.D. in East Asian Studies from Brown University.

Diane L. Simpson, President, Simpson International Inc. in New York, is a consultant, executive coach and specialist in doing business in Asia. The creator of a wide range of programs such as Doing Business in Japan, Doing Business Internationally, and Doing business in Asia, she has presented cross-cultural, leadership and managerial effectiveness programs to executives at American, European and Japanese global corporations. Dr. Simpson holds a PhD in Social Psychology from Boston University.


8:30 am     Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00  Communicating with the Japanese: Getting to “Hai”
9:45           Japanese Business Protocol: Avoiding Common      Mistakes
10:30         Coffee Break
10:50         Business Relationships: How to Build Trust and Establish Commitment
11:35         Break for Lunch Set-up
11:45         Japanese Bento Box Lunch: From Chopstick Taboos to Paying the Bill
12:40 pm   Wrap-up and Program Evaluation
1:00   Adjourn

Tickets: $55, Japan Society members $45.


  • Thursday, October 26, 2000
  • 8:30 am