Akiko Yano Solo – Revealing Her Magic

June 3, 2011
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From March 14–June 30, 2011:
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Akiko Yano poses the question, “Maybe you’ve grasped written and spoken Japanese, but what about ‘singing Japanese’?” Genius singer-songwriter Akiko Yano returns to Japan Society for an evening filled with KOTOBA (“J-words”) and music. A child piano prodigy, Yano, garnered international acclaim with her 1976 hit debut album Japanese Girl. Since then, Yano has released 28 original albums and continues to perform in concerts around the world. Born and raised in Japan, Yano’s current home is New York City, where she sings to sold-out houses at Joe’s Pub each year, and most recently, debuted at Le Poisson Rouge. Yano is known for her brilliant interpretation of Japanese poems and old folk songs, and the unique way she molds them into pop music. Yano’s inimitable use of the Japanese language will be center stage at this evening’s performance — connecting word intonation with simple, sophisticated and soulful melodies, Yano will showcase her gift to bend prose into enchanting musical expression.

$28 / $22 Japan Society members
Special Offer:  $15 for 2010-11 Toyota Language Center students

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Remaining wait-list tickets will be available at the door at 7:15 PM.

Yamaha Piano provided courtesy of Yamaha Artist Services, New York.


  • Friday, June 3, 2011
  • 8:15 pm