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    • Carmen Comes Home

      Carmen Comes Home

      Friday, September 4, 7 PM

      The first Monthly Classics screening of the season kicks off with a restoration of Japan's first color film. In this breezy musical comedy, exotic dancer Lily Carmen (an irresistible Hideko Takamine) returns to her quiet countryside home from the big city in grand fashion, immediately causing a stir as she frolics and sings among the town's green fields in colorful, revealing outfits with her equally carefree sidekick Maya (Toshiko Kobayashi).
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    • Nihongo Chat

      Nihongo Chat

      Friday, September 11, 6 PM

      Join Japanese-language students and native Japanese speakers at this informal gathering to practice Japanese and English! Anyone with some Japanese language experience is welcome to attend.
    • Free Trial Japanese Lesson

      Free Trial Japanese Lesson

      Monday, September 14, 6:30 PM
      Tuesday, September 15, 12 PM

      Have you always wanted to learn Japanese, but were unsure where to start? Come for a Free Trial Japanese Lesson, taught by the Toyota Language Center’s Director, Tomoyo Kamimura. This lesson is structured for complete beginners of Japanese.
    • Japan: A Reverence for Beauty
      ART TALK

      Japan: A Reverence for Beauty

      Tuesday, September 15, 6:30 PM

      Known for his long career as a prosecutor and Los Angeles District Attorney, Gil Garcetti has spent more than 40 years as an urban photographer. His photo books have received critical praise from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and others. Through his strikingly beautiful photos, he will explain how a better understanding of the role of beauty in Japan can enhance our own lives.
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    • Traditional Dance from Okinawa with Live Music

      Traditional Dance from Okinawa with Live Music

      Friday, September 18, 7:30 PM
      Saturday, September 19, 7:30 PM

      A warm breeze from Okinawa opens the season with traditional dance from Japan's southernmost islands. A group of leading dancers and musicians, who are also alumni and faculty members of the prestigious Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, perform refined court dances developed during the period when Okinawa was an independent kingdom (Ryukyu Kingdom, 15th-19th centuries), as well as and playful folk dances (zo odori) that became popular after the end of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
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    • Okinawan Dance & Music Workshop + <em>Onnagata</em> Demonstration

      Okinawan Dance & Music Workshop + Onnagata Demonstration

      Saturday, September 19, 1 PM

      Leading alumni and faculty from the prestigious Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts teach the basic moves and melodies of traditional Okinawan dance and music. Participants will learn the dance Karaya, have the opportunity to try the sanshin (Okinawan shamisen) and witness a behind-the-scenes demonstration of a performer transformed into an onnagata (male actors who impersonate women) on stage.
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    • One World: Leadership and Culture when Building a Global Company

      One World: Leadership and Culture when Building a Global Company

      Tuesday, September 29, 6 PM

      Since Yoshiaki Fujimori joined LIXIL Group Corporation in 2011 as CEO, the company has undertaken acquisitions of several leading home product manufacturers, such as American Standard and Grohe, with the intent of becoming the global leader in the building materials and housing equipment industry. Mr. Fujimori, joined by renowned human resources expert Stephen Patscot of Spencer Stuart, discuss their perspectives on the “software” aspects of globalization and their respective philosophies on what it takes to be an effective leader in a post-merger setting, highlighting the challenges they have faced and some of their successes.
    • Inspired by Japan: Coffee Trends

      Inspired by Japan: Coffee Trends

      Thursday, October 1, 6:30 PM

      Blue Bottle Coffee, a Oakland-based company with over twenty cafes, uses Japanese equipment and draws upon Japan’s tradition of craftsmanship. James Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee’s Founder and CEO, discusses his philosophy and explains how he was inspired by a cup of coffee he had in Japan, which he described as “drinking a mink coat”. He is joined by Tokyo 3D latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto, who will give an on-stage demonstration.
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    • Paradise View

      Paradise View

      Friday, October 2, 7 PM

      Go Takamine's rarely-screened first theatrical feature is a pioneering work of Okinawan cinema, filmed almost entirely in Okinawan dialect. Taking place shortly before the resumption of Japanese sovereignty over Okinawa, Takamine’s film tacitly addresses the island prefecture's complicated history of occupation and feelings of dislocation through the story of a small community and its preparations for a wedding between a local girl and a Japanese teacher.
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    • Butoh + Dance Workshop for Kids

      Butoh + Dance Workshop for Kids

      Sunday, October 4, 10:30 AM

      Butoh dancer Yukio Suzuki leads his kids dance/movement workshop, which is founded in the basics of butoh. Beginning with a craft activity, this session teaches kids body control through fun, free movements meant to conjure up the imagination.

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