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    • Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance

      Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance

      Saturday, February 11, 4:30 PM

      Meiko Kaji took a break from her work on the Scorpion series to make a pair of bloody period swordplay films at Toho Studios. In this sequel, swordswoman Yuki (Meiko Kaji) helps a left-wing dissident (Juzo Itami) who seeks to reform the government and expose a conspiracy between military and industrial forces that threaten the future of the nation.
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    • Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter

      Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter

      Saturday, February 11, 7 PM

      Meiko Kaji had her first ongoing lead role in this five-film series of girl-gang biker films from Nikkatsu film studio. In Sex Hunter, the third (and best) entry in the series, Kaji stars as the leader of the Alleycats, an all-girl gang that butts heads with the Eagles, a local gang that attacks mixed-race kids around the U.S. military base in Yokosuka.
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    • Blind Woman's Curse

      Blind Woman's Curse

      Sunday, February 12, 4:30 PM

      Although she began her acting career using her real name, it was through this phantasmagoric female swordplay film that Masako Ota became Meiko Kaji. The third and final entry in the Rising Dragon series casts her as the benevolent, tattooed leader of a band of yakuza who becomes the target of supernatural vengeance after she blinds another swordswoman in a duel.
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    • Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable

      Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable

      Sunday, February 12, 7 PM

      Nami "Scorpion" Matsushima is perhaps Meiko Kaji's most iconic role. The third film in the Female Prisoner Scorpion series, Beast Stable is the most horror-tinged entry, and arguably the most violent. Nami incurs the wrath of a yakuza gang led by a former nemesis, the sadistic and power-mad Katsu—a grand guignol creation clad in black feathers who has sworn vengeance.
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    • Girl X

      Girl X

      Thursday, February 16, 7:30 PM
      Friday, February 17, 7:30 PM
      Saturday, February 18, 7:30 PM

      Young Japanese playwright/director Suguru Yamamoto's Girl X (performed by his Theater Collective HANCHU-YUEI), unfolds through the dialogue and highly physical performance of two actors on stage and carefully crafted projections on screen.
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    • Exploring Japanese Classics: Theatre, Literature & History

      Exploring Japanese Classics: Theatre, Literature & History

      Saturday, February 18 — Saturday, March 11

      This 24-hour, 5-session professional development course explores and analyzes Japanese classics in theatre, literature, and history. Through lectures, movement workshops, and a theatre performance, participants engage with and learn about the traditional Japanese theatre arts of Noh, Kabuki, Kyogen, Bunraku, and Nihon Buyo.
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    • U.S.-Japan-Korea Trade Relations: Recent Developments & Future Prospects

      U.S.-Japan-Korea Trade Relations: Recent Developments & Future Prospects

      Thursday, February 23, 6 PM

      In this program, speakers examine trade relations and recent developments on trade issues related to the U.S., Japan and Korea. In addition to discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), speakers also offer their thoughts on the outlook for multilateral trade initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.
    • The Ramen King: Ippudo's Shigemi Kawahara

      The Ramen King: Ippudo's Shigemi Kawahara

      Tuesday, February 28, 6:30 PM

      "Ramen King” Shigemi Kawahara, founder of Japanese ramen empire Ippudo, comes to New York to discuss ramen food culture and the ascendance of Ippudo in the New York food scene. Followed by a reception.
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    • A Comprehensive Intro/Demo to Nihon Buyo with Geimaruza

      A Comprehensive Intro/Demo to Nihon Buyo with Geimaruza

      Friday, March 3, 6:30 PM
      Saturday, March 4, 6:30 PM

      Prior to each of the evening Nihon Buyo Dance performances, members of Geimaruza introduce the art of nihon buyo through a comprehensive and enjoyable lecture and demonstration.
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    • Nihon Buyo Dance

      Nihon Buyo Dance

      Friday, March 3, 8 PM
      Saturday, March 4, 8 PM
      Sunday, March 5, 4 PM

      Geimaruza, a group comprising Japan’s young and rising nihon buyo stars, graces the stage with a gorgeous program including traditional kabuki and folk dances and original neo-traditional dance arrangements.
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